Self-esteem trainer Carsten Bruns

My vision

is to achieve sustainable success, a sensible joy of life, and a natural self-awareness and to enthuse and inpire as many people as possible to do the same.


To my personel blog, on which I share my whole insights and experiences on my path to a better life in entertaining and at the same time informing manner – so as I wished it to be as I started my own way.

When you are hungry und feel the strong desirice to make more out of your life – voilĂ , then you are going the find inspiration here. Just as you are right here if you want to find selective tips and tricks for specific areas of life.

Essentially I deal with the following topics of Life: Relationships, law of attraction, emotions, health, productivity, the tapping therapie MET/EFT, shortsightedness, personal development, self-awareness and life in genereal.

Here you are going to find possibilites and methods tested on my own, to make your life practicly better now. Following my vision:

I am convinced, that a sensible joy of life, sustainable success, and a natural self-awareness are pure states that everybody can achieve. And so can you!

Where to begin?

The content of this blog is very extensive and can be overwhelming on the first sight. Take your time to have a calm look. Many readers just start to work through some articles and report, that this alone has deeply inspired their lifes.

You don’t have to read everything at once. I recommend to bookmark this site and have a look from time to time. Just as you can subscribe to my newsletter to by up to date and receive exclusives bonus material.

As a starting point you can pick the “Top 10 posts” to your left. This list contains the most famous posts on my blog, at which end there are new related links.

What to expect?

Concrete you can expect:

  • An exciting blog around the topics of life– with thrilling self-experiments, infectious stories from my praxis as a coachc and lots of free knowledge that you can use to practicly improve the quality of your life.
  • Time-saving recommendatins on books, audio books and videos– that I tested on my own for quality and which will support you on your own way to a better life.

I invite you

I invite you to join the discussions of my exciting articles and am looking forward to hear from you.

The best moment to shift your life to the positiv ist NOW! And I am excited, if I can accompany you a bit and inspire you. Have fun and lots of success!