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A scientific perspective on personality development


Wissenschaft Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

A scientific perspective on personal development

Some people whom I talk to about my work with MET /EFT quickly dismiss tapping therapy as “esoteric nonsense”. The obvious and significant results which are achieved on a regular basis don’t seem to count – without scientific evidence or explanations it is “simply not impossible”.

This is why I want to explain the impact model of MET /EFT and the field of personality from a scientific point of view. This article is the result of my reflections including some summarizing theses and scientific explanations from the book “Creator of the ” by the author Dr. Joe Dispenza.

The author has worked in the film “What the bleep do we know” , which I highly recommend. I’m going to outline a few passages from the book, sum them up and add experiences and examples from my practical work in bullet points whenever it makes sense.

Perception of reality

According to Dr. Dispenza we create our own reality at every moment while reflecting on the world. We’re changing our brains through our way of thinking. The basis is experiences from the past and feelings which we associate with them.

Our memory is a process of maintaining new synaptic connections.

Personal development

We interpret reality constantly, based on created patterns and perceptions. Usually, no one likes to change, unless the change is recognized as a necessity. The thoughts and feelings that determine a person’s life solidify itself as a biofeedback loop and can therefore only be broken with effort and pain, because change causes painful chemical reactions in the body.

In order to switch this attitude towards life step by step, it is necessary to get aware of the recurring thoughts , especially the harmful ones. This necessary awareness is an art that must be practiced constantly.

To your own surprise, you will find that most of your inner attitudes do not have to be true. All of the unconscious thoughts were created by automated thinking until they finally became unconscious, such as the activity of driving a car (which initially took place fully consciously and with complete attention.

The more routine comes in, the less attention and awareness it requires driving a car). These unconscious thought patterns have an equal effect on our lives as our daily conscious thoughts.

The more we are exposed to the same impulses, the stronger we get attached to the corresponding objects in the external world.

The brain and the body also strive towards not wasting energy. Familiar ideas do not need a lot of energy. That is why it is so easy to stay who we are.

  • We live according to what we were taught and how we were brought up and it is not before we become aware of it and change something actively that we can live the lives we want.

Influence of our family heritage

Synaptic patterns which are passed on are limited not only on factors such as height and hair color, but also on attitudes and inclinations. In short, we carry around the emotions and tensions of our ancestors in us.

That is, in case we were genetically programmed on negative emotions like being the victim or having low self-esteem by our parents in our childhood, our unconscious thought patterns eventually develop a victim attitude and low self-esteem if we do not change. We act according to our pre-programming.

  • These statements are fully in line with my experience. There are certain patterns recognizable through generations of families, such as childlessness or certain illnesses. In the same way, the behavior of many people resembles their parents’ behavior, even though many don’t like hearing this.

It is your choice to feel joy or anger.


Emotions are chemical memories. You evaluate your current situation due to your feelings from the past.

  • So if you’d like to change your experiences, you have to change your feelings. As a consequence, your life will change for the better. Luckily, there are MET & EFT techniques nowadays to achieve exactly this autonomously, sustainably and at all times. Fantastic, isn’t it?


Living under stress means to live in survival mode – it is virtually the same. When we are constantly under stress or being careful, we always release the alarm functions of our body. It then has no time to regenerate.
combat stress with EFT & MET
The consequences of long-term stress are numerous and catastrophic. A listing of examples: Chronic fatigue, depression, lack of motivation, sleep disorder, disease susceptibility, a weak sexual drive, concentration problems, great need for routine, irritability, heart problems, digestive problems, muscle pain, back pain, obesity, high cholesterol and blood sugar problems.

Only when we are able to turn off the thoughts that trigger the stress response does the body have the power to begin the healing process.

  • That’s quite a lot of physical symptoms which are caused by stress. No wonder our society is getting sicker.


The chemical stability of each emotional state we employ every day for years has an effect on us. This enables a better understanding of the old saying,

Every judgment redounds upon ourselves.

  • Whatever we condemn in others, we always condemn in ourselves.

Emotional addiction

Whenever there is no external stress trigger available, we search it. And if we do not find one, we produce it, either physically or mentally. The voice within us is the voice of our body that wants to reconstruct the old order and get rid of its discomfort.

In an ideal world, we would recognize our addiction due to certain emotions before they cause real damage in us. However, it is more common that most people only figure out through physical stress symptoms what’s going on with their emotions.

  • I think everyone knows people who always complain. These people are simply addicted to anger. Unfortunately, this species is very strong in my home contury Germany. On the other hand, the statement also says we can be addicted to pleasure which disappears again and again. It is simply an equation of habit or the emotion to which we are addicted at the time.

The function of the body

If we cannot think beyond our own emotional state, we live according to the way our environment dictates our body. We can only change this with a strong spirit and the decision for a conscious life.

When a person responds with a violent emotional outburst to relatively little disorder, then these are the loud and persistent signals sent by his body. Chemicals move through his body and the brain, the autonomic nervous system has taken the control to meet the needs of the body.

In that case, the body, and not the mind, has the control of our behavior. The less we are aware of thoughts, the stronger the body dominates our behavior. This process can be broken only through conscious awareness.
The good news is: We can practice to be healthy and happy instead of sick and depressed.

  • This reminds me a lot of the feeling of an outburst of fury. That’s exactly the point when we are so overwhelmed by our emotions that we are unable to act in a different way. Fortunately there is a possibility with MET /EFT to reduce the emotion afterwards or – even better – beforehand.

Ask for support

Without professional assistance projects, such as losing weight or other personal projects, often go wrong. The experienced eyes and ears of an expert or somebody from the outside can determine what went wrong and how to correct it.

  • I can only agree. I personally have built up my own network of mentors, trainers, coaches and peers for my personal development.

The brain does not care

The brain does not distinguish between positive or negative feelings. One of the two does not cause more work than the other. So we have to use the brain consciously in a new way, instead of following the entertainment media or our environment to think in predictable ways.


The author, Dr. Joe Dispenza has presented several scientific sources of the latest findings in brain research which he depicts in a complete and comprehensive way in his book.

This article covers only a small part of it, but it is surprisingly congruent with the alternative/spiritual explanations for personality development. In addition to the descriptions on how we measure our reality, the book also explains more practically how each one of us can influence.

All in all it is a very good book with a lot of knowledge for your development. I recommend this book to anybody who got interested in the topic of this article.

We are in control of how we perceive reality and furthermore we can influence this perception on our own. I think it is amazing that science has confirmed it after all!

Now only one question arises:

What feelings do you want to train within your body?

Recommended books on this topic:


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