About me

Carsten Bruns – passionalte author and trainer

Relatively early in my life i asked myself the question: “Is this everything life has to offer?”. Do I want to spend the next 50 years of my life as it is predetermined from destiny- as to say, to live as it is expected of my environment and the society. Diligently and reasonably seek the flimsy security that life offers with a fixed job and family?

My answer was NO!

Another way

Therefore I moved early to the city of Bremen to study. From there I was able to live out my desire for adventure and have used the study exchange program to study in the Netherlands and Slovenia. A grand time that I have really enjoyed and that has given me quite a lot.

During this time I also started to play poker. What a chance for me to earn money early in my life and not to have to climb the latter. Annual visits to Las Vegas and the experience to deal with a lot of money at first were very appealing. In addition I was the first mental coach for poker players in Germany at all.

What was the most important finding, however, my situation gave me the starting point to look how it is to have money. I take it first: money does, in principle, change nothing. I did not feel freer, I did not feel safer and did not feel more confident.

So what then?

Since I focused for years to seek my fortune in the outer, I suddenly realized the life-that I wanted, the life that really makes me happy- it comes from within.

My dream always was to be confident and to be able to show everyone what I’m capable. And really being truly happy. Only that demanded an entirely new behavior- perhaps even another character was necessary.

I’ve tried many things and then ultimately find the method by which I can change my inside from the ground up. With which I can overcome all fears and give myself the authenticity that I have sought all my life. With the self-help technique MET I started to work on myself. Every day I tapped on my negative feelings and fears and overcame many other blocking feelings-either alone or where I stumbled with support. And even now I use EFT every day to create my life in the positive direction I want it to be.

How about today?

Meanwhile, I have an entirely different attitude of being in this world. My general anxiety level has dropped, my shame level and my level of guilt as well. I can act out my aggression freer. All in all, this means that I become emotionally much freer than before. And every day this does continue.

This path has given me so much joy that I now see my mission to enable others to also take this path.

On the one hand, as I enthuse and inspire people to take their lives into their own hands and create it actively. Therefore this website is intended, I document my way for everyone who is interested and trough this offer orientation on the path to improved quality of life and self-development.

And on the other hand I have my work as a trainer and coach in which I personally support people on their own path to sustainable success, sensible joy of life and a natural self-awareness since the beginning of 2011.