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About tapping therapy, acupressure tapping, tapping technique and energy psychology


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About tapping therapy, acupressure tapping, tapping technique and energy psychology

It is hard to keep track in the jumble of acronyms in the area of training and therapy not only for clients and patients but even for trainers and therapists. EFT, TFT, MET, TAT, BSFF, PEP or SEP all belong to tapping therapy, acupressure tapping, tapping technique or energy psychology – pretty simple, isn’t it?
It is not that difficult after all once you have gained an overview of the expressions – this article shall help you with it. Tapping therapy, acupressure tapping, tapping technique or energy psychology – there are many more names – is the generic term for a new form of psychotherapy. For reasons of simplification I will only use the term tapping therapy below. Tapping therapy is as an efficient short-term therapy in use for the diagnosis and treatment of psychological and mental problems.

Due to their ease of use and the extremely fast and sustainable results, as well as the possibility of self-application, the various forms of tapping therapy spread quickly within training, therapy and in counseling.

The tapping therapy is based on the assumption that stressful emotions are caused by blockades in the energy system of the body. By tapping on certain acupuncture points, these blockades can be permanently erased so that the previously stressful feelings are no longer available or at least significantly reduced to the user of the tapping. You can picture it as a garden in which you weed (= negative emotions such as sadness, guilt) and as a result your flowers (= positive emotions such as joy, gratitude) gain more freedom. The tapping therapy is therefore not any different from what we use do in our everyday lives more or less successfully – try to feel good as often as possible and bad as little as possible. In summary, all forms of tapping therapy are techniques for the reduction of emotional stress and pain and differ to greater or lesser extent.
The origin of the tapping therapy goes back to the late 70s. Roger Callahan , a clinical psychologist from the United States, connected methods from his field with traditional Chinese medicine and kinesiology, creating a new method called “Thought Field Therapy” – short TFT . On his homepage Callahan speaks of a non-drug, non-invasive way to reduce or eliminate chronic pain. This new form of therapy has achieved excellent results, only it was hard to learn due to the many processing steps and handling difficulties, especially in terms of self-use for novices.
The personality coach Gary Craig , also from the U.S., simplified and shortened the treatment steps, associating them with elements of NLP, applied kinesiology and hence developing the method of “Emotional Freedom Techniques” – short EFT . This shortened but also extended version has come to be a sort of basis for the modern methods of tapping therapy. Anyone can learn this EFT technique in a few minutes and achieve immediate success. Thanks to Gary Craig, the tapping therapy was therefore available for practically anyone with very little effort. On the basis of EFT and its ideology other techniques were developed, among them the most important technique in the German-speaking area, which I will talk about in the following:

MET after Franke ® is an evolution and linkage of the EFT by Rainer and Regina Franke including elements of Gestalt therapy. The Frankes are from Germany, Rainer Franke is psychologist and Regina Franke naturopath. The basic technique for self-application is very similar to EFT. MET provides therapists and trainers with a structural background by combining it with gestalt therapy principles. This makes it possible to accompany clients and patients accurately and efficiently. MET has become equally widespread in Germany and in many parts of Europe as its predecessor EFT.
PEP stands for “Process and Embodiment focused psychology” and was designed by a German specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, Michael Bohne . PEP is based on hypno-systematic-psychodynamic hypotheses, focusing above all on the psychological awareness of the body. The alternative explanations of operation are of particular interest to me. According to Bohne tapping disturbs the emotional processing in the brain, causing a neuronal reorganization. This way, stressful emotions in the brain are capped. As self-esteem coach I receive better understanding from my clients, especially from those who mainly use the left brain.
The Spiritual Energy Psychology SEP ) by the psychological consultant and trainer Erich Keller from Germany is a refinement of EFT based on the latest brain research and the Advaita (which I had to google myself; it is described as a philosophy from India). In contrast to the other techniques it is more about the points applied to the head in the area of the brain.
TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique ®) is very similar to SEP and was developed by the American Tapas Fleming . TAT is a combination of various statements while simultaneously touching certain acupuncture points on the face and on the back of the head. Personally I have had very good experiences with the healing of my lactose intolerance and my wheat allergy with this.
The BSFF method, which stands for “BeSetFreeFast” and translates to “be rid of it fast”, was invented by the American clinical psychologist Dr.Larry P.Nims . In this method the subconscious are given specific instructions to treat emotional problems. It doesn’t need tapping and is an entirely mental approach.

My conclusion

There are many other tapping techniques that have found little acceptance compared to the ones I mentioned in this post. The growing reputation in practices and on the internet shows the potential of tapping therapy. In my opinion, the number of different names for the more or less similar procedures is far from beneficial for the acceptance of this revolutionary training and therapy form. A common representation under the same roof, as with NLP, would be a catalyst for the dissemination of tapping therapy. Nonetheless, I doubt that this is going to happen. This is why, unfortunately, people interested in the topic are left a very confusing choice. I hope this post brings a little more clarity into the labyrinth of tapping therapy.
I personally did my training with MET with Franke ®, since I have been impressed by the results of the combination with the Gestalt therapy. Part of the training was also TAT and BSFF, both of which TAT has convinced me mainly in allergy treatment as described above. Furthermore, I have read books on PEP and SEP and I find the approaches very promising. I use the various sources of EFT as inspiration for self-use, especially in those in English, putting into practice whatever appeals to me. There are also many great videos about EFT, particularly the further linkage of the EFT with NLP in the socalled FasterEFT is very exciting.

Recommended books on this topic:

The tapping solution by Nick Ordner


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