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How I cured my high blood pressure with EFT


Selbstheilung Bluthochdruck Mit MET EFT

How I cured my high blood pressure with EFT


After the self-test has raised the short-sightedness so overwhelming interest, my brother gave me the idea but also thought about the self-healing of my high blood pressure with MET / EFT to report. The idea I’m not occurred to date because, in the foreground was what I want to achieve, the more I forgot what I’ve already done ๐Ÿ™‚

Just get a few facts about high blood pressure in Germany ( Source ) :

  • high blood pressure is a risk factor No. 1 for cardiovascular disease
  • Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for most deaths in Germany
  • About 35 million citizens have high blood pressure (WOW that’s about the limit!)
  • Only every second (roughly 17.5 million) knows from his illness (almost crass)
  • Only 40 percent of people (about 7 million) who know about it, can be treated (which is about 20 percent of all hypertensive patients in Germany)
  • Only about 1.75 million by the treatment have good blood pressure values โ€‹โ€‹(representing about 5 percent of all hypertension sufferers in Germany)

It’s been absolutely amazing time-and therefore certainly not presumptuous when I say THE common disease par excellence.

How it all began

In contrast to the short-sightedness I can limit the emergence period symptom of my not so good. But do remember the first time I learned of it. My whole family of origin has hypertension and takes tablets for years, however, and has therefore also these instruments lying around everywhere. After the device so went the rounds I’ve also invested time and immediately had some critical value, it must be so 140 was 85 or so. By now I have the problem first pushed to the side-I was about 23, made a lot of sports and I have nourished healthy-because something was not right. It just did not fit into my world view, just so that I have high blood pressure that were with me always associated with obesity and lack of exercise.

Years later, when I began to concern myself with personality development, the subject came up again. At that time I was not yet convinced that I create all my symptoms or diseases themselves and therefore can heal itself. At this time I became increasingly aware that I physically hurt my high blood pressure and what I need to do about it. So I went to the doctor and told him about it, that was in May last year (2011). Even my doctor said that could not be at all, but we should test times for one day with a long-term blood pressure measurement. So I got a device strapped on, the – (!) If I remember correctly, every 15 minutes has measured my blood pressure and even at night or every 30 minutes. I can tell you, that was not a pleasant experience and I was quite ready the next day – but also looking forward to the result. That was pretty clear: 153 to 89 (141 to 80 at night) – which was visible above the limit of normal blood pressure of 135 to 85th

The reaction of the doctor was to me then to prescribe beta-blockers, and hope that it’ll eventually go away on its own-I was still young. Beautiful views.

About 6 weeks, I’ve been through that and I became increasingly unhappy with the idea, already addicted to pills to be to be-ever addicted to pills. The next shock came when I heard about the side effects of pills such as impotence alone since it stops already, dizziness, fatigue, etc. I then so on my own fist-sold tablets without consulting the physician. I would no longer handle so and also advise anyone-but now I would at least consult. But there was no effect, except that the values โ€‹โ€‹have risen again to the previous level.

So my high blood pressure then splashed the next few months in the range of 140 to 85 in front of him-strangely he has not even reached the values โ€‹โ€‹of the long-term measurement. Then so I could also live halfway.

self-healing of my high blood pressure with EFT

Unlike in the nearsightedness I did not pursue the healing of my high blood pressure determined, it is more or less incidentally happens. At first I feel like Always read the interpretations of the Dahlke and from the book by Lise Bourbeau. What my high blood pressure means to me and how I can cure him so I always had in mind. Therefore I will also publish the findings from this first again. Then I then tapped with MET / EFT until the symptom has gone away. That looked exactly like me when I show you then.


and abridged interpretation of high blood pressure from the book “Illness as a symbol”

body level:

Blood (life force), blood vessels (roads of life force)

symptom level:

According Dahlke people with high blood pressure are under continuous pressure and continuous excitation. They live constantly in conflict to bring about close without a solution. They are constantly testing situation and defense readiness and have a mood full of nervous anticipation and inner excitement. Those who suffer from high blood pressure often has suppressed authority conflicts and hostility. People with high blood pressure escape into outer bustle and try to control everything. The outside is more important than you are taken to usually is accompanied by a sensitivity to criticism. Suffering from high blood pressure to prove performance by who they are and what a good person they are loud Dahlke.


My Comment:

Once again everything applicable to me. In particular, the hectic activity, I know only too well-just do something. And no surprise that in an increasing competitive society also high blood pressure increases more and more, the two things go together easily.


and abridged interpretation of high blood pressure from the book “Your body says love you!”

Physical blockade:

Above-average pressure in the arteries

Emotional blockage:

People with high blood pressure, according Bourbeau live under constant pressure. You always come back into situations of unresolved problems and grief. By a top-heavy mindset many situations are dramatized. You want to see all people happy and consist of a lot of pressure to do it.
Mental blockage


The high blood pressure is to understand that you are not on earth to solve the problems of others. That is already the other should be supported, but you should not feel responsible for their happiness yourself. The first step prepares the way you more pleasure in the present.

My Comment:

Bourbeau also hits the nail on the head. The responsibility for the lives of others give back and take care of their own problems, that is to go into the self-responsibility that is any help much more.

How I cured my high blood pressure with MET / EFT itself

I come now to the concrete so what I did to initiate the self-healing process. Apart from the above interpretations that I had in mind, I asked myself primarily a question: “How do I make myself pressure?”. One thing is clear, the pressure is not somebody else, not the boss, not the partner or anyone else, but I make myself

I came relatively quickly to the first article of faith: “I need to create”

This is where I first knocked until the sentence has changed. Then I knocked the feelings it.

Although I’m afraid not to do it, I love and accept myself as I am.

At this point, then came the question-what I really want to create? To this day, I have no concrete answer, I believe there is no-it is simply a generalization of conditioning “not being good enough.” That was the next tenet: “I’m not good enough”

  • Although I’m afraid of not being good enough, I love and accept myself as I am.
  • My fault that I’m not good enough (important when the person is to blame address is directed to the debt)
  • My shame that I’m not good enough
  • My anger the other I think’m not good enough, etc.

That was the general topic which is behind it. Then I started to knock concrete situations in which I’ve noticed that I’m printing. This went on for a longer period. Among other things, I knocked:

  • Although I’m afraid to be late, I love and accept myself as I am.
  • My fault if I’m late
  • My shame if I’m late
  • My rage I am treated when I’m late, etc.

More beliefs that it is worthwhile to look at are:

  • What you can do today, not put off tomorrow
  • I must be diligent to be loved
  • what you started, which brings you to the end

It is important to find out your own beliefs, which can easily be modified or completely different. You’ll notice it at the intensity of feeling and of faith movement. Each has its own, slightly modified or very different causes for high blood pressure.

It is depending on the feeling and belief varies how long it takes to resolve this. As a guide you can help to classify the intensity of feeling and the perceived truth of a statement of faith on a scale of 0 through 10. Then you kloppst each until the feelings and beliefs are at 0. Only then will they lose their effect completely. This can sometimes even take a little longer for a belief.

The same procedure as in the examples above, I then made with all the other pressure situations that arise for me. This is still so on-when I sit down, even under pressure, then I realize das. At the moment, if I measure my blood pressure it is then logically also increased again, now more so in the region 135 / 85th But when I knock these also driving situations of high blood pressure back down-it adapts remarkably quickly and there is another opportunity in the less I put myself under pressure in the future.

Basically my self healing was therefore no story in which I sat down and knocked me one day. It was so that I always when something new has entered my consciousness, which is related with the topic, this was edited. The ultimate success of my self-healing of high blood pressure came in about 2 weeks where I have not noticed exactly how I resolved the causal issue. I just noticed that I felt somehow more relaxed and my friend also said I had become calmer. When I then measured the blood pressure, to see if they did something was in the exact 120/80. At the moment of course that was absolutely amazing-like a small victory at the Olympics ๐Ÿ™‚

This is basically the whole secret of how I cured my high blood pressure with MET / EFT itself. The nice thing is, you can too!

At this moment, where the article is finished, my blood pressure is way to healthy 128/76.


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    thanks for this great advice, i too am suffering of the same but am overcoming in it in Jesus name.

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