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How to improve eyesight – From nearsighted to vision without glasses


Kurzsichtigkeit Mit MET Und EFT Weg Klopfen1

How to improve eyesight – From nearsighted to vision without glasses

Attempt to improve my eyesight naturally

Yesterday I have stopped wearing glasses and ever since I am wandering around the Hamburg area a little disoriented. Those who have an idea about what it means to have -3.25 dioptries on both eyes will understand what I am talking about.

Here comes the exciting part: My goal is to regain full visual acuity. For that matter, the first step will be to get along as good as possible without wearing glasses. Only if nothing else works, for instance while watching TV or driving, will I wear glasses. Since I have no car and watch the little TV this restriction does not represent a real problem.

The experiment has started yesterday with the spontaneous decision to go running without glasses around Hamburg’s Alster. I have already done this before, however without feeling very well in the progress. This time it was completely different! It didn’t bother me at all, which is why I thought to myself that I am finally ready to give it another shot.

Today I had the brilliant idea to document the experiment in my blog, thus getting more committed with the ambitious project. In the end I definitely will not want to lower my guard by running around in my wiry glasses again, having announced everything to the public here.

Furthermore, as vision can be documented very precisely, disbelieving readers can be convinced with simple and irrevocable facts. As far as I know, my opticians are keeping all of the documents so that I can make copies of them. Of course, all my friends and relatives have been knowing of my nearsightedness for years and can testify as well. Nevertheless, I still prefer testifying with the help of documents.

The experiment is under its way allready. There have been many updates. Here you find all articles on how to improve eyesight naturally in chronological order:

As I started the experiment, I was only writing for my German audience. Now I do write in English for all of you out there as well. For that reason, the dates of the updates are not kongruent. But that is no problem, as I always mention the day of the experiment anyway.

Why I am convinced that it will work

I was encouraged to start the project once by my last success. My high blood pressure has been at a constant 120/80 every day for about two weeks thanks to tapping according to MET/EFT while it has been at 145/90 for years before! Only twice within this time did the blood pressure exceed that number under great stress, being around 140/85.

blockquote “Wow!” I thought to myself. Why not just do it again and try to get rid of my nearsightedness through my own healing powers?

My belief is that all illnesses are self created – in our heads! They are therefore merely symptoms of what is wrong in the head, meaning thoughts that are wrong or untrue. I have been dealing with the subject of self-healing powers for some time now and not only have I experienced many things on my own, but also seen a lot and read a lot. If you are interested in the topic I have collected recommendations for you here .

How it all began

As it is often the case, I was not born with myopia. I came to this world being capable of seeing completely normal and it continued to be this way for years. I can perfectly recall my first experience that something was wrong – I was 15 years old and sitting in biology class in the last row and could not read what the teacher wrote on the blackboard. Since everyone else was copying as usual I understood that something was wrong. As it was uncomfortable for me at that time, I simply copied from my neighbor.

For the time being that was okay, but eventually it became too stressful and my classmates started reacting increasingly annoyed. At the same time I was also at the driving school for my moped license which led to my driver teacher criticizing me for always breaking too late. I soon came to realize that I did not recognize the traffic signs in time.

[Caption id= “attachment_844″ align =”alignright” width= “200” caption= “This is the beauty. On the picture I’m crisp 21”] [/caption]

My first pair of glasses had -0.5 dioptries and I hated them from the very beginning. The metal rod annoyed me when I looked to the side. First of all, I couldn’t see properly and to make matters worse I forgot the damn thing constantly. So I literally wore my glasses out – just as I did with my braces – I forgot them, they got lost, or driven over. When my mother got tired of buying me new glasses all the time, we took a cheaper model. Of course this time I NEVER lost the frame. Only the spectacle lenses had to be replaced from time to time. This was when I also started to wear contact lenses. I must have been at 17 at that time.

During the two years of adaptation not a lot happened, except that the nearsightedness became worse over the years, which is why I am currently at -3.25 dioptries on both eyes. I recently got a cylinder for my contact lenses, which means that I now probably have a slight corneal irregularity.

What has it cost me so far?

In addition to countless hours of fiddling about to get the stubborn lens into my eye and many hours of searching my glasses I have also spent a neat sum of money for my “hobby”.

Initially, the insurance company had paid a little on top for the glasses, but they eventually stopped doing that in the end. Today, I have to bear the costs for glasses and contact lenses entirely.

On average, I spend a yearly sum of 150€ for my glasses, plus another 150 € for my contact lenses. This money includes costs for new spectacle lenses (always non-reflective plastic), new models of frames and sunglasses as well as monthly lenses including detergent.

If I sum it up from the start it makes 14 years for 300€ each which corresponds to a total of 4,200€!

Now, if I assume that I continue investing 300€ each year without self healing my nearsightedness, this means costs of 3,000€ every 10 years! That is a little fortune, leaving aside all the amenities like not having to rely on a pair of glasses! Accordingly, my budget for necessary training or other investments is relatively large within my project.

What are the benefits?

Overall, the experiment is ideal for my personal endeavor:

  • Documentation of effectiveness: The development will be documented with written certificates from the beginning until end. That way I can convince you and others of the amazing effectiveness of the MET / EFT tapping technique and the power of the body’s self-healing capability
  • save money: let Every year you can save 300€ and in the long run I will not only cover my costs for glasses and contact lenses but I will save a lot of money, too
  • Improved quality of life: I hated glasses and contact lenses in the first place. This chapter will finally be over
  • Proof: I will provide proof that, from my point of view, problems with vision are only a matter of mind – just as all other diseases
  • bigger chances of success: Due to the liability that anyone can read about my goal and progress I am simultaneously increasing my chances of success
  • fun: Last but not least the entire project will make a lot of fun


First of all, I will walk around with neither glasses nor contact lenses and just see what feelings that triggers in me. If unpleasant feelings associated with my myopia arise, I will dissolve them instantly. As soon as I realize that something is happening, I will run to the optometrist and document the changes in the visual acuity and post them here on the blog, of course with a more accurate description of what has happened in the meantime.

Initially, I will try to pursue the project without any help, attempting to get rid of my nearsightedness ALL ON MY OWN through mental work.

When I realize this is going too slow, I will take further trainings to work on the topic more precisely.

That is it for the moment. During the next weeks I will update as promised as soon as something changes. I am always very curious about your feedback and I appreciate any kind of moral support! Let’s go!

Recommended books on the subject healing myopia / refractive error:


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