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How to improve eyesight – Part 2


Kurzsichtigkeit Mit MET Und EFT Weg Klopfen2

How to improve eyesight – Part 2

Day 1: It took only 3-4 hours to get rid of the headaches. It disturbed me a little, but was not very intense. The adaptation felt easy to me.
Day 2: The headaches are completely gone. I’m slowly getting used to seeing without glasses. Working with the PC is still annoying because I have to sit very close to the screen even though I have already increased the size of the letters. Therefore, it is a little more exhausting than usual.
Day 3: I feel increasingly more comfortable although I can only see the outlines of the joggers I meet, while running in the park. I have absolutely no idea if they look at me nor what their expression is. I am somewhat isolated from the world. In everyday life I have found that I can rely more on my hearing. When I am running though, I still use to listen to music. I am considering to leave my MP3 at home in the near future.
In the afternoon I decide to go back to the park to do my tapping there. In the beginning that’s pretty embarrassing to me, especially because I hardly realize what is happening around me. In the end however I don’t really care.
Day 4: I’m having a meal in the Portuguese quarter. My girlfriend is late and has not got her cell phone with her. I do realize that it makes me very nervous to be standing at the entrance of the metro without recognizing much. “I hope we do not miss each other” is going through my head.
Day 5: For the first time since the beginning of the experiment I am working on the issue of my shortsightedness and their causes during the TandemCoaching (mutual coaching with a colleague who also works with MET). I have been reading a lot concerning the topic of disease interpretation beforehand and it is amazing how that fits my experiences. I will quote from two books at the end of this article. It is really intense to ask myself what I obviously don’t want to see.
At night I go to the grocery store. It is the big “Toom”-market around the corner. I feel that the imagination of the crowd of people and the huge variety of products stress me even before entering the market in the first place, so I decide to leave it to a Turkish pizza.
Later a friend calls me to ask if I was in for a spontaneous trip for vacation. Of course, I cannot say no.
Day 6: Here we go: We are already booking tickets today in order to fly to the Algarve tomorrow! Super spontaneous, really looking forward to it! Beach at only 30 meters distance from the hotel, 30 degrees Celsius and sunshine, plus the large casino of the Algarve right across the opposite road. AWESOME!
As I will be on vacation in a foreign country and I do not like to run around without my glasses constantly, I decide to not put them on as much as possible. Relaxation is the first priority.
Day 7: Today we are leaving for Portugal! Olé!

lookout: During the next week I will be on vacation and thus I will not focus so much on the self-test. Particular incidents will be reported in the next article. I will continue that way in the future without mentioning every single detail every day. Instead, I will describe the big events in particular.

Analogous and shortened interpretation of myopia from the book “Krankheit als Symbol” by Rüdiger Dahlke:

body dimension:

eyes (insight, perspective, mirror and window of the soul)

symptom dimension:

Dahlke describes myopia as typical youth disorder which includes a tendency to see only the own radius and to have a lack of overview and farsightedness. The cramped and tense muscles of the eye represent the stressed world view (I can truly confirm that. When I want to read the ads in the bus, I just need to squint my eyes and then I can instantly read much better). The nearsighted person wants to get it all up close in order be able to control it. It depicts refusal to see the world as it is. Overemphasis of thinking. Suppressed anger and fear. This leads to rather diving into books instead of facing life.


The distant is moved out of the point of view in order to solve the crucial problems of life. Dahlke recommends asking yourself what you do not WANT to see, as well as getting more soft and tender with the judgment of the remote environment. One should not relate with everything but develop a healthy distance to things instead.

My comment:

Wow, I am always surprised how much I can agree with these interpretations. I have to admit all of them to myself, more or less.

Analogous and abridged interpretation of myopia by Lise Bourbeau

In the section of my product recommendations you can find two books by her that I recommend, if you are more interested in the subject of illness and self-healing:

Physical Blockade:

eye sees near objects clearly, but it detects the more distant objects in a blurred way.

Emotional blockade:

Lise Bourbeau writes that the nearsighted person is afraid of future problems. She says that in order to identify the cause of the myopia, it is sufficient to remind yourself of what happened shortly before the illness occurred. Many people get nearsighted during their adolescence because the adult world appears to be less attractive. Shortsighted people usually care much more about themselves than about others.

Mental blockade

Bourbeau recommends: Note that the things that you used to be a threat are not so much of a threat any more. Open up and admit to yourself that you’re not the same person as before. Face the situations in your life, because fear is mostly just a figment of the imagination. Try to believe in the good in people and think more positive.

My comment:

This is exactly the same as above. Bourbeau describes with fewer, but the more appropriate, words what it’s all about. Especially the advice to look what happened right before the beginning of the illness has given me a lot of insight.
Recommended books on myopia / ametropia heal:


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