Improving eyesight with eft

How to improve eyesight – Part 3

As you can see I’ve created my own article image. I thought to myself that I can just as well do on my own what Fotolia can do. Therefore I have taken a picture, simply copied the eyes as “elliptical mask” beforehand, then I have changed the picture into “black and white”, chosen the effect “soften portrait”, and finally added the eyes. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. The eyes disappear a little on the small image, but do not miss its effect.
Now for my latest update on my self-experiment: Since the last report on my myopia precisely 20 days have passed. What has happened during these days? A lot!
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After a relaxing holiday in the hot country of Portugal I have put my hot annoying glasses and contact lenses aside again and I wander through the world entirely without them -the only exception is TV and cinema, which doesn’t account for more than a weekly three or four hours. Even in front of the computer I am now without glasses, I have just put the monitor a little closer and increased the font size.

So what has happened in detail?

Day 7: At the airport, I am still without my glasses. Despite my -3.25 diopters I find my way pretty well – still the occasional detours are an inevitable fact. Especially when it comes to reading signs without having to ask people constantly.
Day 14: Back from vacation I immediately ditch the glasses. I use the time during the train ride almost exclusively to watch people, and become aware of the feelings it causes in me, whilst tapping in the process.
Day 17: It doesn’t bother me too much anymore to be uncertain of what is happening around me. Instead, I don’t need to wear neither glasses nor contact lenses, which is quite pleasant. There is just that uncomfortable feeling that I can best describe as “being surprised”. I have a few ideas why that is. I will hang in there to resolve the issue and for that matter I will have an appointment on 28 August, next week. I do not want to write down all of my ideas for, I believe most of them are wrong. I will present the reasons, as soon as I really know what’s going on.
Day 20: I get 3 different book suggestions from three different people for my self-experiment. It cannot hurt to get a little more insight on the topic. I decide to get the book The experience of a fool who had an epiphany about how to get rid of his glasses by Mirsakarim Norbekov – the book appealed to me the most. There are very good exercises for your eyes, which is one of my main interests about the book. The causes of my nearsightedness I want resolve with the innovative EFT tapping techniques, of course .
Day 22: Instead of the book I purchased I receive a completely different book on literary criticism at the packing station, obviously the addressee was swapped. I am asking if anyone in the queue is the right receiver by coincidence, another woman says she has also received a lot of wrong packages. A man says, “It’s all like Christmas here, you do not know what you are getting.” There have been so many things going on with the packing station already that I am not surprised. But I don’t care – I like it anyway.
Day 24: Finally the book has arrived. It is very entertaining and the Russian author provides some good laughs. I’ll list the best in my book review that follows after I have tried the exercises and see if they will have helped. The author promises 0.25 diopters improvement every day, let’s see if that truly works. The crucial point, he says, is the belief in self-healing. Well if that is the only problem, then I consider myself healed already ;). Seriously, I really believe 100% in my self-healing and whenever any doubts or fears occur that I could possibly not make it, I just tap them away. I love MET!
Day 25: The book inspired me a lot to tap, I have the impression to make good progress and to improve my seeing ability already. I will soon go to the optometrist to see whether this is actually the case.
Day 27: I am done with the book by now and starting with the eye exercises. The entire program takes 1.5-2h, totally crazy. I pick out the exercises for the eyes, the rest I’ll do with MET anyway. I can reduce the effort to 45 minutes.
A full review will follow soon, after I have tried the book too.
Here’s the amazon link where you can buy the book. In order to purchase it, just klick on the picture.

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