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How to improve eyesight – Part 4


Improve eyesight with eft no glasses anymore

How to improve eyesight – Part 4


This post is translated by google translate and will be correclty translated into perfect english soon.

There are initial reports of success of the self-experiment. The path from the mole to the Eagle is prepared. More on this later in the article, as always, is chronologically the one before the other.

Day 28: The visual exercises from the book are so tiring and disgusting, I realize quickly that this is not for me. The book was very interesting and I highly recommend it, it has opened my eyes in a great many areas. However, I use it only as intellectual support to strengthen my faith in the experiment. For me but quickly comes to the conclusion that I will not try with the visual exercises. More now in the review.

Review the book The experience of a fool who had an epiphany about how to get rid of his glasses by Mirsakarim of Norbekov

The book is beautifully written provocative, so I like it. Provocative is almost an understatement, I have never read so many provocative and vulgar statements in a book. That’s why I found it very exciting, finally someone who simply raushaut what he thinks without previously to grind everything fine. Which certainly is not for everyone, I found it entertaining and eye-opening 😉

Norbekov quotes from the book:

“When I started to understand the character of chronically ill people, I realized that she was always waiting for outside help and thus block itself as a creative personality.”
“There is no Sachkgassen, except death, there is always a way out.”
“Its course, one self be true feast for his feelings, perceive the world with an open mind and not be afraid of rejection by others -. This is the hardest”
“Not the disease is the killer, but the chronically ill himself, who does not want to change.”
“But the main mystery that forms the basis of the system, the behavior of the patient, his relationship to himself and to life.”
“Glasses are nothing but crutches for the eyes”
“If you doubt your recovery, you lock yourself already active against the recovery”
“Bad seeing is not a disease but a bad habit.”
“The convenience is death in Minitarausgabe”
“The most common mistake, the greatest danger lurks in the dissatisfaction with himself”

contents of the book

The first 200 pages of the book is about the mental preparation for the visual training. The key messages, in his words, are:

  • glasses is a crutch, those who want to keep it, who wants to remain disabled.
  • The one thing about the change is the inner attitude towards it.
  • To effect change you must responsible for your own personality, a human being.
  • change can take place either on the body, mind or feeling – the other two parts will follow

Especially the last one core message has inspired me to think. It is not entirely new to me, but I see it now in a new light. For him, it may perhaps be easy to get over the change in the body, because it is easiest for him. However, he knows not stop even MET / EFT 🙂 For me it is much easier to achieve the change over the emotions, because these can be resolved well with technology. This has besides the advantage of curing disease also has the advantage that the general attitude in life changes and thus also in addition to the recovery improves quality of life.

Also, the first message has it all. After some initial self test came up to me who thought they would find the self test super exciting. However, they just wanted to get back their eyesight, the glasses they want to keep happy, because it is them. If you think so then I have continued in the article something in store for you.

Here is the link to Amazon. There you can order the book. Simply click on the image:

Day 29: Once again, I can bring myself to the visual exercises. The resistance is, however, too great. I’ll be back exclusively with MET / EFT try only if I would like to try the optional visual exercises.
Day 30: I want the whole experiment now somewhat more systematic fashion and not simply knock straight on. So I look to the experiences of other MET and EFT learning. There is very little on the subject. Then a hit! In the English-speaking I find a study on EFT and myopia . The study involved 120 people of which were given a weekly topic to knock. This they could knock on a daily basis then its own responsibility.

The study results were overwhelming, almost 75% of the participants may have after the 8-week experiment to improve their eyesight! 89 of 120 people looked better after the experiment. I thought that was already strong. And there was no supervision in the experiment here, no seminars and coaching on a voluntary basis (25% participated in the claim). So in principle, it did everything ourselves participants. But I found the results impressive. As this would look out only when seminars, coaching and guidance would have been at play. Cool thing.

Further interesting are the reasons which have given the participants to improve their eyesight. So what emotions were crucial for them in self-healing process. The 120 participants reported to the following emotions for they were in the foreground (double that apply):

anger fear / worry fear debt pain All No
42 24 20 21 19 3 14

After some research I then came also to the exercise sheets for the participants. The ebook there for 27 dollars to buy it of course and I have backed me immediately.

Particularly exciting I find the introduction. It is made a thought experiment. One should imagine the personal themes and feelings that have the “crippled eye” caused would be expressed instead in crippled legs.

If this transformation would take place, what a heart-rending parade we were allowed to watch on a busy street. Almost every other person would hobble past us. Some were on crutches on the way and a couple were sitting in a wheelchair.

Day 31: The theme of the ebook have to knock it real in themselves and are very logical. Firstly it is necessary to dissolve resistance and limiting beliefs regarding healing with EFT. This of course makes perfect sense as to change something if not the first faith and a wish for healing?
Day 32: Wow, a blatant experience in MET / EFT tapping. I knocked a Wutthema and am very well come clean. The hammer was then afterwards, I felt not only absolutely peaceful and good, but also had the feeling of seeing clearer! I’m curious what that means!
Day 33: I walk past my table view from the Norbekov and I feel that I see more. So I put myself in position and realize that I can read from the same distance as in the exercise loose 2 lines, 3 lines almost more!! Madness! A row mean 0.25 diopters difference. Since, therefore, must have done something. I must now have black and white, and go to my optician.

The test results: Right from -3.25 to -3, that is 0.25 diopter and 8% better visibility and to the left of -3 to -2.5, ie 0.5 diopters and 17% better view. Now that’s a huge achievement for a short time! And a huge incentive to continue now!

The optician has everything written by me to demand a card, so I can publish it here. He thinks something is super rare, normally the value only goes up or stagnating. If only he knew …. next time I’ll tell him about my self-experiment. Let’s see how he reacts to it.

 eye test result even attempt to improve nearsightedness

Since the old value was measured over a year ago, I can even imagine that my vision between the time of last measurement and the start of the self test has not deteriorated and thus the improvement is down even greater. Finally, there were also 2-3 lines on the Sehtabelle, which is more likely 0.5 to 075 diopters.

The time had come also first time again. When has once again done what I will report. I’m strongly believe that it will not be very long until then.

Recommended books on the subject heal myopia / refractive error:


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  1. cgalshir

    Hi, any idea from where i can buy/download the book “The experience of a fool who had an epiphany about how to get rid of his glasses”
    Thanks in advance,

    • Carsten Bruns
      Carsten Bruns03-26-2015

      There is a link under products that leads you directly in the amazon online shop.

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