Kurzsichtigkeit Mit MET Und EFT Weg Klopfen1

How to improve eyesight – Part 5


This post is translated by google translate and will be correclty translated into perfect english soon.

Time for a new update, now after two weeks are around. Today I was back at the optician, the result is as always chronologically at the end of the article.

For readers who are new to the attempt here an overview of the recent articles:

Day 39: There are now already clearly noticeable variations in my view. Time I feel much more clearly seen. The next day, it is then the same as before. According to the motto: “Only two steps forward, then one step back.” On the one hand it’s a little disconcerting when I see worse again, on the other hand it shows me is a bit of movement. As long as it continues to steadily move in the right direction is all good.
Day 40: The weekly exercises from the book by Carol Look like me and give me inspiration. However, they are somewhat superficial, so I then often pursue things further, which have emerged during the knocking.
Day 44: Today I have a coaching in my trainers. I decide not to work for today in the subject myopia, there’s just something more pressing.
Day 47: I have found, that was not quite given to the self-healing to 100% lately my faith. Especially when doing nothing came lately to doubt. That is why I have dedicated myself to the topic with MET / EFT intensive. I think these exercises were essential for my own healing process, there are probably for almost any intense self-healing process and I suspect that many people there can have similar doubts.

To all readers who are encouraged by the self attempts to knock yourself:
The many personal requests have encouraged me to publish now more knock sets. Since I am of the opinion that everyone has their individual biography and therefore also should make its own knock sentences, I would point out that this only be used as a starting point and see if statements apply more appropriate for you.

Here’s what I’ve knocked MET / EFT all:

  • Afraid that this does not work just for ME
  • Fear that I am an exception
  • My fear that just does not work for me
  • My self-doubt
  • My doubts about my abilities
  • My doubts about my own ability to heal
  • My doubts that it is possible to cure my myopia
  • My doubts that the eye can heal itself
  • My doubts of the self-experiment is a success

After the passage I have felt 100% again-and as confident side effect is my impatience to want to create the self-healing as quickly as possible also disappeared. Instead, as patient confidence is now something occurred. Exciting.

Day 48: Today was then the optician. Unlike yesterday, right after the knock I had the feeling that I see something bad again today. I test it on my own board and realize that I can read 1-2 lines less. Okay, but it’s still a line over time after the test. So I go to the optometrist yet to let me confirm an improvement.

And there is again a success, the right eye has followed to -0.25 and is now on par with the left. That means for my own attempt to right and left of -3.25 to -2.75 to -2.5 or -3, ie by 0.5 diopters. a 17% improvement in my view.


I’m really looking forward to the next test, since I think here was more “potential” in it, because after all I’ve seen better yesterday. The reason I really wanted to be out today is that the last update for a while ago, and I am now in training for 9 days. Again in Mallorca, where predicted 30 ° for the whole stay 🙂

After training a few things will have done it again, I’m sure. During the period of training there will be no new items, but I will report back in about 10 days on the self-test and on the training stay in Mallorca.

Addendum: I have also told my optician of my own attempt at healing. He “pff, I have nothing to say now” only answered with a contemptuous. Asked about the current improvement he just said “well, you can certainly change a bit, but it does not get completely away the”. Nee is clear 😉 The will be surprised.

Recommended books on the subject healing myopia / refractive error:


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