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How to improve eyesight – Part 6


Updates on improving my nearsightedness

There are already 3 1/2 weeks gone, so its time for a new update.

For readers who are new to the attempt of improving my eyesight naturally, here is an overview of the recent articles:

Day 56: The training week on Mallorca as part of my additional training as MET-Gestalttherapist was absolutely amazing! I’ve never been a part of so much change in such a short time. Many thanks to the fantastic group and Rainer and Regina Franke for the great opportunity to grow together and offering this absolutely cutting edge training.

The topic of myopia I haven’t directly addressed during the 5 days, since there were other things in the foreground. But this is not bad at all because I took so much other stuff from this week.

Day 57: With the tapping exercises by the famous EFT author Carol Look from the ebook “Improve Your Eyesight with EFT” I have now arrived at the exercises from week four. Now it is about rage and anger. The 10 minutes of tapping at the beginning of each day are already becoming routine .

Day 58: It’s the beginning of autumn. With the increasing darkness I feel like my eyesight is especially limiting in the dark. In the fall or winter, I could not have started the experiment to walk around without glasses, or I could try only under much more difficult circumstances. So far I’ve kept up to only use my glasses when watching TV or lectures.

If the darkness influences my vision to strong, I’m just going to use my glasses. In the meantime I know the difference between seeing with and without glasses already so well, I think it does make no differences if I completely wear glasses again. However, it is simply my desire to pass on those glasses as long as possible. I just feel freer when I do not always have to take care of my contact lenses or my glasses.

Day 64: Sometimes there are days where I just see more clearly. Today is such a day. Fascinating. On my sight table I can suddenly read one more line. Just like that. Additionally, I just feel very clear. Exciting how this affects my vision. Unfortunately, this is only a short-term moment, because the next day my nearsightedness went back to normal. However, it shows me that I got clearly something into motion .

Day 69: Doing the “Improve Your Eyesight with EFT” excercises, I have now reached the 6th out of 9 weeks. This time it’s about fear or as we say in Germany – Angst. Being afraid of what has happened in the past and fear of the future.

Day 72: I decided to post an update today. This time I will not go to the optician to measure my vision. I just noticed on my sight table that there is no significant change- perhaps a minimal change. So prefer waiting for the next time to come up with a success story


The training program “Improve Your Eyesight with EFT” has almost 4 weeks left. I’m curious what progress I am going to have untill next time.

In general, my mood concerning the experiment changed something. My impatience and the desire to have success as quickly as possible have faded away. Instead I feel pure confidence and serenity. What doesn’t mean the experiment has become less important to me, no, not at all. I just don’t want to force it anymore and by this give my and my eyes more space for the healing process. That feels much more comfortable to me.

At this point I would like to thank you for the many encouraging and supportive reader emails and comments in the forums and on Facebook. For me it is a really great motivation and a great feeling so receive so much support. I didn’t expect that much support and it is fantastic to feel like I don’t have to do it alone. Thank you!

Some have even reported me, they got motivated because of my experiment to start an exciting experiment at improving their eyesight on their own. Or they have taken new courage to start again. Isn’t that spectacular?

I keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you lots of success. I also like to publish one or the other success story here on the blog, as far as you achieve comparable success in improving your eyesight with MET/EFT. So you have the chance to share your enthusiasm about your success and to inspire other readers as well.

Until next time! I look forward to your comments and wish you a nice weekend.


Recommended books on the subject healing myopia / refractive error:


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