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How to improve eyesight – Part 8


Getting the right glasses

A new update to the experiment of curing my myopia.

For readers who are new to the attempt of improving my eyesight naturally, here is an overview of the recent articles:

Day 85: When ordering my new pair of glasses I asked the optician how long it takes until the glasses are there. “Tomorrow they are here. Only in very rare cases when the glasses are urgently needed, it sometimes takes a day longer. But I am 99% sure they are here tomorrow.” Accordingly, my new glasses should be there today.

Then my optician calls me, the glasses are not ready … the driver had an accident on the highway and the package will arrive tomorrow. LOL! Reminds me of the delay statistics of the German railway .

Day 86: The new glasses are there. VoilĂ . I see through the glasses too good!

The new glasses or 0,5 diopters under my perfect sight and the astigmatism correction has mostly been left out – under those circumstances I see too sharp. There should be room left for more improvement.

This confirmed my suspicion, that my optician has sold me overcorrected glasses until now. My previous optician has always withdrawn -0.25 diopters for the glasses, so the eyes still have to concentrate a little bit. That was for the reason they don’t fast because they don’t have to do something to adjust. When you walk around with a pair of glasses that let’s you see better than it is actually possible, your eyes will be tempted to not do very much for you vision. As a muscle that is not used degrades, the muscle of your eye deteriorates and therefore you vision possibly get’s worse.

So my recommendation is, if you want to have temporary glasses that still leave air for better vision improvement – take 0.75 diopter less than optimal. In my case 0.5 diopters less for both eyes were not enough. For driving your car and other activities where you have to look sharp this is, of course, impossible. Perhaps in that case it is wise to buy 2 glasses. Those can be very cheap glasses then, you don’t want to win beauty trophies with those.

Day 106: When I walk through the city park, I notice something. When I yawn quite strong and close my eyes and open them again – I see very sharp for a split second. Somehow the thought is absurd, there is all there is required to see clearly, only the eyes are strained or cramped or whatever blurred the view.

For me, this is a clear confirmation of the hypothesis, that visual impairment is in principle intended by the body and an improvement occurs when the reasons for the deterioration disappear. The vision is clouded in the truest sense of the word.

In addition, I ‘ve also read of a schizophrenic, where one part of his personality suffered from poor eyesight. As soon as he switched to another part of his personality, he also got in a few seconds his visual impairment. When he was the other person again, his eyesight was completely back to normal in seconds. Fascinating what is possible.

Day 110: Today I started to visualize my healing process. I sat down like I do while meditating and imagined what it’s like to see again 100%. Without glasses or lenses, at any time simply see everything clear and sharp. And imagined how grateful I am that I can now see again to 100 %.

I tell you – it was amazing! I felt so good and euphoric. I Can only recommend to try it yourself, if you try out a self-healing experiment on your own. Of course, you can do it for other purposes as well, too. I visualize my goals for 10 minutes every day.

In this case, the whole thing took 5 minutes and felt huge. I am going to visualize the self-healing of my nearsightedness from now on at least 4 times a week for at least 5 minutes.

Day 111: Today i went to the optician. Unfortunately, there was no improvement in my vision since the last test. This time, the optician annoyed me a bit with his statements. I increasingly get the feeling he is more interested that nothing changes than in my improving.

Day 112: Everything remains as it was. Here again the table with my progress in healing my nearsightedness:

Date Left Right
27.07. -3 -3.25
27.08. -2.5 -3
11.09. -2.5 -2.75
16.11. -2.25 -2.75
Total: 0.75 0.5

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