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How to improve eyesight – Part 9


Kurzsichtigkeit Mit MET Und EFT Weg Klopfen1

How to improve eyesight – Part 9


New progress in improving my eyesight

I visited my optician. More about that at the end … 🙂

For readers who are new to the attempt of improving my eyesight naturally, here is an overview of the recent articles:

Day 113: As it becomes darker and darker I choose my glasses more frequently, simply because it is much more difficult in the dark to be traveling without glasses. The view simply suffers a lot more and it is no fun. Ironically, at first it is rather unusual being back on the road with glasses. But that changes quickly.

Day 133: I have accepted the fact that the dark season restricts my experiment to improve my eyesight somehow. In the dark, I almost exclusively wear glasses. Additionally, during the day I wear them more often for convenience purposes. Therefore I decide to wear my glasses whenever I want untill it is springtime. After winter, I will do as before and only use my glasses while driving and watching TV.

Day 157 : During New Year’s Eve I was on Majorca on a self-awareness week with MET. Very intense days in which I have also raised the issue myopia indirectly.

Since that seminar, I really notice the pupils of other human, which I hardly noticed before. Very exciting. Before that seminar I probably could’n tell the color of other peoples eyes – now I see just green, brown, gray and blue. Generally I also feel that my vision has improved. I ‘m going to to the optician and have it checked on Monday. The last time is almost 2 months ago.

Based on my sight table I can not say exactly whether my vision has improved or not. That was my indicator up to now. Only I couldn’t look on it in bright sunlight by the constant sleet weather. And there is a huge difference for the eyes if the sun is shining or not. Without the sun I can see 3-4 columns less, depending on how little light gets through. My own measurement based on the sight table does not make no sense that way, I will rather go and visit my optician.

Day 160: Today I’m going to my optician. I ‘m a little excited because I suspect an improvement in my vision and can finally get official confirmation for that.

Somewhat surprised, I realize that my optician can almost remember my last prescription and he does not look from his list.

He guessed 0.25 diopter wrong on each eye, but that is forgiven. Something seems to have triggered him with my experiment because I have never seen him without comment.

The test for the left eye is clearly -2 diopter nearsighted, which is an improvement of 0.25 dioptres! Awesome! So it can continue. On the right eye, it is not quite so clear whether I am -2.75 or -2.5 diopters nearsighted. At the end there are rather -2.5 diopters and my optician would recommended a pair of glasses with -2.5 diopters anyway. Therefore, my right eye improved from 0.25 diopters since the last time as well what accounts to a total of 0.5 diopter improvement ! Crazy! This means, there are now 1.75 diopter sight improvement altogether! A good third of the way is already done.

While taking off my optician is still amazed. As I say, I’m looking forward to the next time, he comments that he his curious as well. The skepticism is apparently gone.

To be continued …

At the end again the updated table to document my progress in eyesight improvement:

Date Left Right
07/27/2012 -3 -3.25
08/27/2012 -2.5 -3
09/11/2012 -2.5 -2.75
11/16/2012 -2.25 -2.75
01/07/2013 -2 -2.5
Total: 1 0.75

Recommended books on the subject improving eyesight naturally:


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  1. Alexander Hoff
    Alexander Hoff02-25-2014

    Damn! So cool stuff :). I bet the optician is really baffled: “wtf is this black magic?” haha :).

    No comments yet? This is a really interesting experiement and I’d love to hear more, but I don’t know how long ago this is, this winter?

    • Carsten Bruns
      Carsten Bruns02-26-2014

      Thx! Yes, he looked like a yeti walked trough the optician’s store 🙂
      Updates are following in a while, I am taking a brake in the experiment. The article is from September last year.

  2. Veit Mehler
    Veit Mehler02-27-2014

    Interesting article, you have a lot of patience 🙂

    Looking at the books, you are working with Norbekov. I’d love to help you with your experiment and show you how you get results a lot faster than what you’ve got.

    My wife used to be a Norbekov teacher and since then we have taken his teachings to a whole new level, adding a lot of natural healing elements that he is not addressing.

    Let me know, if you are interested.

    All the best,
    Veit Mehler

  3. Tina

    Quickly scanned through your posts on improving eyesight. These are some great results. I would love to hear if you continued your experiment and were able to completely get back to 20/20 vision and if you could summarize your techniques/methods for some of us who would like to try those.

    Thank you!

    • Carsten Bruns
      Carsten Bruns03-26-2015


  4. Fred

    Hello. I tried to fix my vision the same way as well. When I went back to the eye doctor my vision did improve. Although it was not enough to change my prescription. Since then I haven’t been very consistent. Keep doing what you are doing

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