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This post is translated by google translate and will be correclty translated into perfect english soon.

This is a short guide to the MET technique or EFT technique to become proficient in the operation of self-application.

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Where is knock?

The 6 meridian points on the image to be tapped. The picture gives you a visual template for the points, they ertaste so you get a feel for it.

How will knock?

Item 6 is most important to try him out first as a short version. You tap with your thumb and index or middle finger spread-about 2cm below the collar bone on both sides. The other 5 points you can optionally all once in sequence one after the other and then tap again to continue with point 6. The points need to be taken only approximately, it’s not about precision work. Is tapped gently feel with 2-3 fingers on the corresponding points, it should be noticeable and pleasant. The points 1-3 can be tapped both right and left, like You can also change the page.

What is knock?

Everything you emotionally charged. An example is insomnia. Your first “knock sentence” would be in the case of “My fear, can not sleep at night.”

  • Pronounce this sentence several times consecutively and as loudly as possible and knock this point 6.
  • Imagine inside the question: “What am I feeling now?”. The fear can not sleep may have changed, for example, in anger or grief. Then now knock your anger /Your grief
  • The sentence is changed continuously and feel what is called NOW in the foreground. So from can “my fear, can not sleep at night” “my anger, can not sleep at night”, and in turn be “my anger, so to be sleepy.”
  • once Try the points 1-5 of. Here Duu need to repeat it only once and about 5-7 to knock.
  • Repeat the sentences exactly as long as the sentiment behind it has dissolved into thin air. As support: To visualize the feelings on a scale of 0-10, and so long to knock the value to 0.
  • It is important for MET and EFT always in the here and now to stay. Concentrate on what the moment is paramount.

This way you solve cycles through the different layers of your stressful feelings. The principle you can imagine like when peeling an onion. If all the stressful emotions are resolved then you need neutral or even peaceful and balanced feel.

Good luck!


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