The safest way to deal with stage fright


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You prepare yourself for your big show and know that it starts the same. You’re sweating and trembling and are really nervous. Now the long-awaited moment is where you come to the stage. All eyes are on you, everyone is watching you. You get the first word … and what happens now?

How to deal with stage fright?

Fright paralyze you only when you try to suppress the emergence of excitement because it is unpleasant to you. She is an important part of your body, because the gathering his energy before the big show to you a special attention and your expression to impart a certain liveliness.

blockquote The fright so in principle is beneficial for your success!

If you like before shaking or sweating, then that’s just the feeling that you are activating energy.

Too delicate this is for you, you can not suppress the symptoms of fear. Otherwise you suppress also the effect that you are surprisingly soon after the beginning of your Auftritts/Vortrags- whatever-will notice that you are completely calm. Your full attention is now the show and not what goes on in your head.

The whole thing sounds but easier than said. Often these nervous fear is so great that it is almost automatically suppressed. This is especially as a beginner, a huge challenge. In the case of persistent fright during the performance the performance suffers. But precisely for this kind of fear and fright, there is fortunately a great tool that shuts down your excitement.

fright MET & EFT shutdown

Usually has the high excitement with bad experiences in the past, preferably do childhood. Do you remember situations such as School performances, birthdays or other occasions where you have disgraced yourself? Exactly those feelings from past situations cook extremely unfavorable always high when it comes to know-how just like in the upcoming situation where you have stage fright.
I would now like to show you possibilities of what you can actually do about your stage fright. In addition I have divided the possible knock topics in different subject areas. Who has not heard anything from knocking with MET /EFT, the place here is a guide to MET /EFT.

Lack of self-confidence

Maybe you’re also generally afraid to speak in front of people alone. For example, you ask yourself, turn out as the audience’s reaction is. MET /EFT is the solution to more self-confidence develop. These records help you to find the reasons for your lack of self-awareness. This is important, you look for what suits you and it possibly abänderst.

  • My fear alone to speak to such a large amount
  • My shame to speak in front of so many people
  • My fear what will people think of me
  • My fear of being criticized
  • My fear had to be laughed

Inadequate preparation

Perhaps you doubt well enough to be prepared for your performance. MET /EFT is no substitute for preparation, but it will allow you to be quiet and to do your best.

  • My fear that I am not prepared enough
  • My fear that I like in the past, again foundered.

Good luck and when preparing and of course especially during performance!


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