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Top 100 list of beliefs about success, happiness and self-esteem


My Top 100 list with negative beliefs about success, happiness and self-esteem. The beliefs are in alphabetical order and researched on the Internet – some important ones I have added. In the end it became something more than 100 for each topic. The purpose of this Top 100 list is to support you in figuring out which beliefs affect your life significantly – so you are able to regain control over your life.

The initial beliefs under the item self-esteem I have highlighted in bold. The beliefs are beginning with “I am” . Those beliefs can be especially powerful because they relate to your identity. I recommend to look at those first.

Have fun!

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Success Happiness Self-esteem
Accepting money obligates me Better stop wanting; if you get your hopes up, you’ll just get hurt I am a failure
Being rich is a sin Feeling bad motivates me to change things I am a fool
Being super conscious about every single penny is right thing to do Health problems will always keep me from happiness and success I am a loser
Daddy will like me better if I don’t spend much I can’t be happy until he/she changes I am a mistake
Everybody wants more I can’t be happy until the relationship/career is different I am a victim
God must not want me to have money I can’t do it I am afraid
God wants us to struggle I can’t trust myself I am alone
God wants us to suffer I cannot earn a living doing something I like I am always number two
I always rent; owning a house would be too scary I do not deserve success and happiness I am always one-below
I am smart and talented; I should get more! I don’t deserve love, success, money, fame, etc I am always wrong
I can never get ahead I don’t have time to nurture myself I am awkward
I can’t have money and free time I don’t know what I want I am bad
I can’t handle having money I don’t know what I want I am crazy
I do not have enough to share or give away I have to earn other people’s approval to feel good about myself I am fat
I give up when it comes to money I have to stay in the relationship because I can’t make it on my own I am flawed
I hate thinking about money I need fear to motivate me and keep me in check I am guilty
I have to do something, other than what I want, to make money I need to do more and more to be worthy I am helpless
I have to feel guilty for having money I need to make others happy so I won’t be rejected I am imperfect
I have to hustle to make money I need to think positive every day to change my limiting beliefs I am in the wrong place
I have to own my own home to feel secure I should be farther along than I am I am inadequate
I never want people to know I have so much money because people are really mean to rich people I should have worked this out by now I am ineffective
I really don’t want money anyway I shouldn’t have to ask my partner for what I want I am inferior
I spend money on something that breaks I’m stupid I shouldn’t put my needs before others’ I am insignificant
I want to have a lot of money when I get old, then people will be nice to me I want bad things for myself I am invisible
I will never have enough I should be able to make lots of money, but I can’t I am left out
I would never feel secure if I had to be responsible for much more than a hammock I’d better not be too happy, or I’ll just have farther to fall I am less than
If I am successful, people will hate me I’ll always have to struggle, while others have it easier I am mistaken
If I get paid a lot people will find out that I am a fraud I’ll never make enough money I am no good
If I have a little more than I need to get by, someone else has to go without I’ll never really change I am not anybody
If I make a lot of money, I will be betraying my father who never made much money I’m a bad/unlovable person I am not good enough
If I make a million dollars, I might lose it and then I would feel stupid and hate myself forever I’m not good enough for a relationship with someone good enough for me I am not interesting enough
If you were a smart and cute woman you would have married someone with money by now I’m responsible for other people’s happiness, and they’re responsible for mine I am not lovable
If you were a smart woman you would be supporting yourself easily by now If I do not give people what they want, I will end up all alone I am not safe
If you work hard, you’ll never be rich anyway If I fail, I should feel bad for a very long time and then be really scared to try again I am not special
I’m afraid If I let people really get to know me, they won’t like me I am not true
I’m blocked when it comes to money If I make a mistake, I will have to live with it I am not understood
I’m broke and stuck If I pursue my own interests, my relationships will suffer I am not valuable
I’m going broke If I speak my mind, I’ll be rejected I am not whole
I’m limited when it comes to money If I were happy, I wouldn’t do anything I am nothing
I’m not destined to have money If I’m happy even when others are suffering, it means I don’t care I am out of control
I’m not good enough to have money If I’m successful, people will not like me I am plain and dull
I’m not willing to do what it takes to make money If it hasn’t happened yet, it never will I am powerless
I’m not worthy of having money If someone cheats me or betrays me I have to get even or live with resentment I am shameful
I’m poor If there’s something you don’t like about yourself, (it’s best to) hide it and hate it I am slow
I’m powerless over money If they really loved me, they would I am stupid
I’m stuck when it comes to money It’s too late for me to find happiness and success I am ugly
It is better to take less than my due and be free from sticky situations No matter what I do, I should be doing something else I am unacceptable
It is better to take less than to be responsible for someone else’s hardship Things will never work out for me I am unattractive
It’s best if I just want enough to get by Whatever I’m doing, I should be doing something else I am unbalanced
It’s not fair that those people have so much more money that I do Being ill has it’s advantages I am uncertain
It’s a hassle having money I am right I am unclean
It’s filthy being rich I am too old for this I am unimportant
It’s impossible to make lots of money I could disapoint other I am uninteresting
It’s more spiritual being poor I don’t have enough time I am unsuccessful
It’s not spiritual having money I don’t know what I want I am unsuitable
It’s shameful being rich I have to be carful I am unwanted
It’s tough times I have to do something I am unwelcome
More money goes out than comes in I need security I am unworthy
My prosperity takes away from someone else’s prosperity I need to be useful I am useless
Never buy anything that you don’t need I need to have everything under control I am vulnerable
No matter what I do, I won’t make any money at it I never have luck I am weak
Only a select few get to have money I’ll be happy when I get my own place I am worthless
Only some people get to have money I’ll be happy when I get out of debt I can’t
Other people get to have money, but not me I’ll be happy when I get that promotion I can’t be me
Poor people are more happy I’ll be happy when I win the lottery I can’t do it
Rich people are corrupt I’ll be happy when she agrees to marry me I can’t fix it
Rich people are evil Leave me alone I can’t get it right
Rich people are greedy Life is difficult I can’t make it work
Rich people are stuck up Life is supposed to be a fight I can’t make myself clear
Rich people don’t make it into Heaven Life is supposed to be fair I can’t say ‘no’
Rich people get there by taking advantage of others Men don’t cry I can’t stand up for myself
Rich people think they are better than everyone My body is supposed to be healthy I can’t understand
The economy is poor My happiness depends on someone other than me I don’t belong
The poor get poorer My parents don’t accept me I don’t deserve anything
The rich get richer Nobody is allowed to see what I feel I don’t deserve to be cared for
There is not enough money to go around Only this person can make me happy I don’t deserve to be loved
There’s a shortage of money Parents are supposed to love their childreen I don’t exist
Time is money People should be thankful I don’t fit in anywhere
To be a valuable person, I have to work more for less money than other people do People should listen to me I don’t have any choice
You can never have enough money People should respect me I don’t know
You get what you deserve People shouldn’t take advantage of others I don’t matter
You have to break your back to make money Sugar is unhealthy I finish last
You have to do lots of things you don’t like in order to have money Sugar makes fat I get it wrong
You have to sell your soul to have money The world is no safe place I have a mental problem
You have to struggle to survive There is healthy and unhealthy food I should not be here at all
You have to suffer to get close to God There is lots of work to do I will fail
You have to work hard to get it There should be no war I’m dirty
You have to work hard, scramble, struggle, suffer, and pursue money When you get older you get unhealthy It’s my fault
Success is impossible for me Wrong, again! Mistakes are bad
Success is only achievable for others You can’t buy love There’s something wrong with me


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