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 Why you should keep a gratitude journal?


gratitude journal

Why you should keep a gratitude journal?


A sounds pretty interesting on the first sight. What is the benefit of it, why should you keep a ?

Benefits of gratitude journal

A gratitude journal is a relatively simple and cheap method with very positive effects on your life. And it does not take you a lot of time to keep.

Focus on the positive

With a gratitude journal you will change your focus and you are going to automatically keep lookout for things for which you are grateful. Or you can learn to pull the positive out of uncomfortable situations. Doesn’t it sound nice to focus on the pleasant things and thus feel good, rather than concentrate on the negative things that just annoy you? A gratitude journal helps you to internalize this positive attitude.

Gratitude attracts things for which you can be thankful again

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling and when you feel it regularly, you will attract more things into your life for which you can be grateful. Why? Because you attract circumstances in your life that exactly match with how you feel. If you are angry all day anyway, you attract more and more people and situations in your life that you can be angry about. Remember a day, where you felt determined to be angry all day long.

The same principle works the other way around to your benefit. If you go with a feeling of gratitude through life, you attract people and situations for which you will be thankful. If you want to do yourself something good, then look for a day in your past where you felt amazing and you’ll see how that day brought more and more beautiful things to you.

The whole principle behind this chain of positive or negative experiences is called the law of attraction.

You get to know what is important to you in life

If you run the gratitude journal for a while, you will notice that most often you will find specific events in your diary. These are the events that are most important to you. Here you can identify what is important to you in life.

My gratitude journal showed my, how often a good meal landed on the list. This helped me to recognize how much I appreciate good food. What I haven’t suspected previously.

As a result, I now know what is important to me and for what I can be grateful. I make it particularly likely to experience these situations. This has enriched my life immensely. You can achieve this with this simple method likewise.

Additionally you can find out which people you connect with exceptionally gratitude and positive feelings. I recommend meeting these people more often and spend more nice moments with them. Perhaps there are some surprises for you that you didn’t expect before.

Overall, trough your records you have something like a compass that shows you who and what provides you with good feelings in life.

How does a gratitude journal work?

Quite simply, take a book to write and jot down everything you are grateful for.

This makes particular sense, if you just start the day or soon go into the realm of dreams. This way, you either start with a sense of gratitude for the day or go on to sleep with it. From my own experience I can tell you that this has an impact on the content of your dreams. Your set your focus of your dreams thus on more gratitude .

Just jot down the events of the day or the last day (if you make your entries in the morning). That may be moments when you were happy, no matter whether if those were large or small moments. An unexpected smile from an unknown person can sometimes cause a lot. It can be a gift that you have received, it can be a great opportunity or just that the sun is shining today. Everyone has different priorities for which he is grateful, because each person has values different​​.

In principle you can write as long as you can think of something. For some, there are maybe 20 points, some have to think a long time for only one point. I suggest you start not to stop before you’ve written 10 points. That gives you a basic understanding for what you are ever thankful in life.

My personal experience

I keep a gratitude list for over a year and am still amazed by the positive effects. Even if I sometimes forget it again and again to write my things, I am always turned back to it.

To regularly write my gratitude journal I invested in a special journal for myself. Not just any, but a very special book to emphasize the importance of this simple method. It is a very nice looking book that evokes the desire to write in it.

If you believe in this idea of a gratitude journal and you also want to keep a gratitude journal, these high-class journals are a good match.

If you want it simpler, any other book or a simple piece of paper does its work as well. The main thing is to start and try it out!

I wish you much success and fun with this simple method. Feel free to share your personal experiences with me and the readers here in this Blog.


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